Be a Host

Do you have a spare room or rooms in your house? Are you passionate about entrepreneurship and want to give back? Do you want to meet some of the hottest, fastest growing and most talented entrepreneurs in the world? If so, apply to be a Union House host and list your room or place in our database.

Our members are elite entrepreneurs that may not be rich and famous today, but probably will be tomorrow. They come from all over – from Norway to Brazil to … Cleveland. They choose where to stay based on the information you enter below. When an entrepreneur applies to stay with you, they outline their stage (Seed, Series A, etc), their company deck and their specific interests.

Hosts have the opportunity to accept or reject applications as they see fit. While there are no strict guidelines beyond listing your place, we hope our hosts will get to know the entrepreneurs that apply to stay with them.

Looking for a place to crash and an awesome experience?